What’s Happening?

So I left my job more than a year ago.

I still remember my last day of work on 30 April 2013. It was pretty sad. I sent out goodbye emails to every group of people I felt I should write to and shook the hands of everyone on my floor. I received really nice emails and for the first time in that place I actually felt that people really did like me. I still remember how my ex boss said that she would not cry when she shook my hand and said goodbye, and how Ag hugged me and did cry a bit.

It all did feel really sad but I knew that I had to leave. I had just been through a very unhealthy 10 months. I was extremely unhappy in those 10 months and it had become impossible for me to stay there. I therefore decided to quit and to take the opportunity to travel.

I am going to use this blog as a record of my travels and my thoughts related to the places I have visited from now on. I did think about writing this blog, and indeed this blog was created before I had left on my trips last year, but I never got down to writing about anything. Lazy me! I hope I have not hopelessly forgotten anything important.

I have been writing on scrapbooks on some previous trips, but that was hard work, and not to mention my amazingly crappy handwriting that even I am not able to decipher at times! The problem with using a blog is that I am not able to stick my tickets and brochures onto it like I can with a scrapbook. Oh well, I will have to think about what to do with all the junk I will no doubt be collecting on my travels.

Since I have a huge backlog of things to write about, I will also have to think about how best to post my thoughts. Maybe I will write a post for every city or place I had visited before today. We will see.

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